The Green House, Wiltshire (Winter 2018)

The owners of this new eco-build entrusted Sunstone Energy with the design and installation of their heating system and solar PV array.


The heating system consists of an air source heat pump from Swedish manufacturer, NIBE, which produces 100% of the hot water and heating via an underfloor heating system, also designed and installed by Sunstone. The heat pump is sited unobtrusively to the back of the garage where it is also protected from the prevailing weather.


The 4kW solar PV array is fitted on the south facing garage roof. This is a practical and efficient combination with the heat pump since some of the electricity required to run the heat pump is produced on-site by the solar. The system selected is the Viridian Clearline mono, an in-roof system that saves on roof covering and integrates pleasingly into the roof.