For your peace of mind we take responsibility for delivering the complete renewables solution appropriate to your property. This starts with a site survey and understanding your objectives and ends with commissioning and hand-over. Actually, we go beyond this and provide regular servicing too!

Broad Range of Technologies

At Sunstone Energy, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of designing and delivering a broad range of technologies which means we are well positioned to advise which is/are the most appropriate for your property. Our core competency covers these technologies: ground, air & exhaust air heat pumps; solar PV; solar thermal; biomass boilers; underfloor heating; ventilation with heat recovery.

Most Appropriate Solution

Whether your project is domestic or commercial the starting point is to understand its energy needs and your objectives. That’s why the site survey or review of plans and energy calculations, if it’s a new building, is the important first step. We then assess the potential of different solutions and discuss these with you before agreeing the most appropriate renewables solution.

Getting into the Design Detail

At the detailed design stage we share with you the key energy parameters, the anticipated running costs and how much you can expect in government incentives, assuming eligibility.

Experienced Installation Engineers

We manage the project taking care of procurement and scheduling the installation to suit your programme. One of our trained, in-house engineers, experienced in installing the technology being installed then takes the lead on site and sees it through to commissioning and handover.

Servicing & Maintenance

Beyond the installation phase we offer regular servicing and maintenance to ensure compliance with manufacturers’ warranty conditions and so that the system continues to operate as efficiently as possible.

Our service department also offers troubleshooting and maintenance on renewable energy systems installed by others.