Renewable Heat

A quality renewable heat installation is the result of appropriate design, quality products and installation by skilled engineers experienced in the technology. You will experience all of this at Sunstone Energy but it all starts with designing the most appropriate renewables solution for your property.

What makes the most appropriate renewable heat solution for your domestic or commercial property will depend of the heat demand of your existing or new building, among other factors. What does the site have to offer? Is there a large enough area to consider a ground source heat pump? Is the main roof elevation south facing for solar? Do you have your own source of wood? How close are the neighbours? We take all these and many more factors into account.

Our experience of renewables extends over many years and hundreds of installations so we are well placed to deliver the complete service from site survey to commissioning and ongoing servicing.

These are the renewable heat technologies we have experience of: ground, air & exhaust air heat pumps; solar thermal; biomass boilers; underfloor heating; ventilation with heat recovery.

Sunstone Energy is an MCS and HETAS accredited installer which means that installations carried out by us can qualify for government grants and incentives like the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), assuming they fulfil eligibility requirements. For full details of the RHI please get in touch or visit the Ofgem website here.

The RHI for eligible domestic installations is paid over 7 years and over 20 years for commercial installations. Many customers see a significant proportion of the capital cost recovered but please contact us for what you can expect for your renewable heat installation.