Ground Source Heat Pump for Dorset Mill B&B (Winter 2011)

Picturesque working water mill set in Dorset where the owners run a bed & breakfast and holiday accommodation business requiring an efficient heating system and a reliable supply of hot water.


The owners received £1250 as part of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme towards their installation. In addition to this they can expect to receive a longer term income for each kW of energy generated by the Ground Source Heat Pump once the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHIs) are introduced in the future.

How Does it Work?

Ground Source Heat Pumps draw heat from surface soil, bedrock or the water from a nearby lake. Up to 400% efficient, compare that with an oil or gas boiler which are typically somewhere between 80%-90% efficient. Heat pumps replace conventional boilers and deliver space heating, (cooling where required) and hot water.


A NIBE 1145 – 12kW Ground Source Heat Pump was installed using a 600m collector pipe buried 1m deep in the owner’s field behind the mill. As the water table is relatively high in this location good thermal conductivity will be achieved.

Heat Pumps can be retro-fitted, into a period or listed property, provided that the building’s thermal efficiency is improved and the Ground Source Heat Pump installation is designed to suit the building’s heat load requirements, upgrading the existing radiator system where necessary, they will provide an efficient, cost saving, hassle free means of heating your home.