Renewable Power

The adoption of solar power in the UK since we started in business in 2009 has been quite incredible with the latest figures showing that as of the end of 2017 installed capacity amounted to 12,748 MW across 937,421 installations!

The good news is that the FiT (Feed in Tariff) is still available and can be claimed by both householders and business customers. While the tariff rates have come down over the years, so has the price of solar PV (photovoltaic) components, which means that it’s still a worthwhile investment both financially and most of all for the environment. Full details are available on the Ofgem website here.

The output per panel has nearly doubled in this time meaning that fewer panels are required to deliver the same output. Aesthetically, panel design has developed too with all black panels that are barely discernible against a slate roof and in-roof designs that integrate neatly into the roof like a Velux window.

Battery storage is set to make solar PV even more attractive by increasing the percentage of electricity generated that can be used locally rather than exported back to the grid. Add the rising number of us driving hybrid and all-electric vehicles and local solar generation becomes a given.

The southwest of England is the best area of the UK for solar electricity generation due to the highest levels of solar irradiation in kWh/m2. For more information on solar and battery storage and to discuss your property please give us a call on 01202 522488.