Renewable Energy Makeover for Renovated Somerset Cottage (Summer 2011)

Sunstone Energy worked very closely with the client and their architect as they undertook a complete renovation of this cottage in North Somerset, looking to install renewable systems that would enable their property to be self- sufficient in terms of heating and hot water demand.

Renewable Energy Systems Installed:

Solar thermal panels

Installed to deliver approximately 50% of the household’s hot water requirement.

Ground Source Heat Pump

A 15kW NIBE 1145 was installed to meet the property’s heating demand, reducing the anticipated energy required for heating and hot water by over 75%. The heat pump collects energy from the ground via 800m of collector pipe buried 1m below the ground in the owners’ field adjacent to the house. The owners received £1250 as part of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme towards their installation. In addition to this they can expect to receive a longer term income for each kW of energy generated by their Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal once the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHIs) have been introduced later this year.

Under Floor Heating System

Installed by Sunstone Energy, to provide evenly distributed heat from the heat pump throughout the property, together with a high comfort level.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Energy usage performance is further enhanced by the Heat Recovery Ventilation System. Before expelling the damp, stale air to the outside, heat is recovered from the air saving considerable amounts of energy to heat water or fresh ventilation air. Ventilation systems can be 90%+ efficient, in other words collecting 90%+ of the waste energy that would otherwise be expelled outside. As the waste air goes through the ventilation unit it passes through a heat exchanger before being expelled outside. On the other side of the heat exchanger fresh cool air from the outside collects the heat and then passes into the building.

Solar PV

A 3.96kW system of 18 black framed Kioto panels were installed as an ‘in-roof’ system, in order that they blended seamlessly with the slate roof. A high percentage of the property’s electrical costs, including the running of the Ground Source Heat Pump, will be met by the PV array. In addition to this, under the Feed in Tariff Scheme, the owners of the property will receive an income for the next 25 years, for each kW of electricity generated. The savings made through not having to buy electricity and the FiT payments mean an anticipated annual income in excess of £2000.