Heat Pumps for Luxury Eco-apartments on the Dorset Coast (Spring 2012)

Our client, developer Michael Burton Homes, was keen that ‘Coastal Reach’, this exclusive development of 6 luxury apartments on the south coast, incorporated the latest in heating & ventilation technology.

Sunstone Energy proposed that under-floor heating and hot water for 5 of the apartments should be provided by a NIBE F370 or F470 Exhaust Air Source Heat Pump.

An Exhaust Air Heat Pump ventilates a building and recovers the energy in the warm air from areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, upgrading it through the heat pump to heat water and supply a heating system, thereby creating a comfortable living environment, free from condensation and extremes of temperature.

For the 3 bedroom penthouse apartment a Dimplex Air-Eau Air Source Heat Pump was sited on the roof to take heat energy from the air, drawn through the heat pump and transported to the 75L buffer tank and 210L hot water cylinder.