Communal Pellets Boiler Heating for The Old Rectory (2017)

The Old Rectory Fonthill Gifford has been extensively renovated & doubled in floor area with the addition of the pool building & external pool. Old oil boilers heated the Old Rectory and the Church.

The client asked Sunstone to look at options for a communal heating scheme that could heat the refurbished Old Rectory, the new pool room and pool and the church. Sunstone designed a system which has a pellets biomass boiler at its heart with all separate heating zones monitored by the ETA PE-K boiler and 4,500 litre buffer tank to provide heat to suit demands from each zone.


The boiler, buffer tank and pellet storage are all housed in a purpose-built plantroom within the new pool building complex. The pellets are stored in a 6 tonne silo and vacuum fed to the boiler. Heating distribution in each zone varies between radiators and underfloor heating and each separate building / zone is connected to the plantroom with highly-insulated underground pipe.

The communal heating system is a commercial Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) compliant system.


Sunstone Energy has also installed a 12kW(p) solar PV in-roof system fitted to the roof of the pool building. The system consists of 48 Perlight 250W(p) all black panels connected to 3-phase Solar edge inverter and provides a significant percentage of the electricity demand for The Old Rectory and the pool room complex.