50kW Solar PV System for West Hants Sports Club (Spring 2011)

50kW Solar PV System with Solar Log Monitoring System

Sunstone Energy was commissioned by the West Hants Club, a premier sports and health club in Bournemouth to install a 50kW Solar PV System on the roof over the indoor tennis courts, with the added benefit of a Solar Log Monitoring System.

Solar Log

A Solar Log was installed which can be monitored on site or remotely; we offer remote monitoring. Solar Log enables optimal customer support and professional plant monitoring. Error messages can be responded to immediately saving lost revenue and time.


System Details

249 x 200W(p) Kioto PE NEC Modules, 49.8kW system on to aluminium roof cladding.

Orientation: Due south, -25degrees.

Inverter: SMA 3 monitored by a Solar Log System.

Yield: 50,560kWh/pa (estimated)

CO2 Saving: 45,000kg/pa (estimated)

Annual Income: £21,184p.a (estimated, based on FiT payments @ 32.9p/kW and savings from using electricity on site @ 0.09p/kW).

Total income over 25 years: £529,600.00 (this figure does not take into account rising fuel costs & inflation as the FiT is index linked).

Pay Back Period: 8 years